NASCART-GT adapted Cartesian grid and computed pressure over spacecraft and towed toroidal ballute at Mach=26.3.

NASCART-GT is a solution adaptive, Cartesian-grid based flow solver. NASCART-GT first generates an orthogonal, Cartesian grid around complex single or multiple geometries in an automated fashion. Several geometry input formats are available including simple x,y,z coordinates of surface nodes, CatiaTMV5 files, or PLOT3DTM surface files. Structured-grid based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs often require significant person-hours, substantial human interaction and expertise for grid generation. NASCART-GTs automated grid generation and flow solver minimizes these issues while conducting high-fidelity flow analysis.

NASCART-GT is under development by the Aerothermodynamics Research and Technology Lab in the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech.


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NASCART-GT adapted Cartesian grid and computed pressure for rotor/fuselage interaction analysis.



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