AE 3450 (Thermodynamics and Compressible Flow) Course Information

Spring 2008

Catalog Description:  First and second laws of thermodynamics. Thermodynamic properties and state equations. Isentropic flow. Flows with shocks and expansions. Flows with friction and heat transfer. Units = 3-0-3.


•       PHYS 2212 Introductory Physics II

•       Concepts of Conservation of mass, momentum and energy

•       Computer programming

Class Hours:  T TH 8:05 am – 9:20 am, Guggenheim 442

Office Hours:  by appointment set by email or a phone call

Instructor Contact Information:  Dr. Ben T. Zinn  404/894-3033;

offce: Guggenheim 366   Email:

Course Textbooks: THERMODYNAMICS AND COMPRESSIBLE FLOW, Custom Edition.  Taken from: Thermodynamics:  English/SI Version, Third Edition, by Black, William Z. and Hartley, James G., Prentice-Hall, Inc.  1996; and Gas Dynamics, Second Edition by John, James E.A., Prentice-Hall Inc., 1984.  ISBN 0-536-94576-4

Quizzes   Unannounced quizzes will be periodically given. They will usually last about ten minutes and cover material under study in recent lectures and homeworks. The quizzes grades will constitute 10% of the course grade. The purpose of giving these quizzes is to encourage the students to keep us with class material and regularly attend classes.

Exams Dates:   



•       Students are expected to work on the solutions of home works alone!

•       All assignments are due by 8:20 am on the HW due date unless otherwise indicated.

•       Late homework’s score will be reduced by 50%, unless there is a documented excuse.

Honor Code: Students in this course and all other course at Georgia Tech must abide by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. Please read the text of the Georgia Tech Honor Code which can be found on the internet at

Grading Policy:

Home works: 20%

Quizzes: 10%

Exams: 40%

Final: 30%